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Garston Entertainment: Sitemap

Artiste List

2 Much 2 Young
20th Century Swing
21 Jazz St
70's & 80's Disco Duo
70s Forever
70s Showtime
80s Decade Duo
80s Duo
80's Party Duo
80s Retro Show
80s Reunion
80s Revive
80s Rewind
80s Unlimited
8ighties Reloaded
90s Decade Duo
90s Project
A Band
A Girl Like Rihanna
A Grande Experience
A Million Dreams
A Tribute to Amy Winehouse
A Tribute to Cher by Heather Marie
A Tribute to Dire Straits
A Tribute to Duran Duran
A Tribute To Frankie Valli
A Tribute to George Michael
A Tribute to Jessie J
A Tribute to Kylie by Heather Marie
A Tribute to Lady Gaga
A Tribute to Lionel Richie
A Tribute to Madonna
A Tribute to Michael Buble
A tribute to Paloma Faith
A Tribute to Roy Orbison
A Tribute to Shania Twain
A Tribute to the 90s
A Tribute to the Carpenters
A Tribute to the Drifters
A Tribute to the Four Tops
A Tribute To The Music of Noel Gallagher
A Tribute to Tina Turner
A Tribute to UB40
A Tribute to Van Morrison
A Tribute to Whitney by Michelle
ABBA Aloud!
Abba Arrival
Abba Decades
Abba Duo
Abba Elite
Abba Fever
ABBA Four - The Band
Abba Golden
Abba Mania - ABBA Tribute
ABBA Mania ABBA Tribute Band
ABBA Reunited
Abba Sensationelle
ABBA The Tribute
Abbacadabra Duo
Abraham Lincoln Lookalike
Absolutely 90s
Acoustic Now!
Acoustic Rocks
Acoustic Soul
Acoustic TJ
Acoustic Two
Adam Burney
Adam Sinclair
Adam South
Adam Strong
Adam Williamson
Adam Wilson
Adele - The Tribute
Adele by Natalie
Adele Tribute
Aimee - Violinist
AJ - Solo Guitar
Al - The Swing Singer
Al Clyde
Alan Gill
Alan Kennedy
Alex - Freestyle Magician
Alex as Gaga
Alex D
Alexandra - Harpist
Ali G Lookalike
Alien Uncovered
Alison D
Alive & Rock
Amazing Illusions
American Patrol Swing Band
Amy Jane
Amy Winehouse Tribute
Andrea Bocelli Tribute
Andrew Bourn
Andrew Comedy Magician
Andrew Geater
Andrew L
Andy - Sax Player
Andy - Solo Flute
Andy Abraham
Andy Bay
Andy O
Andy O - Soul & Motown Singer
Andy O - Swing & Rat Pack Singer
Andy O & His Band
Andy O the Singing Waiter
Andy Parker
Andy Parker Saxophonist
Andy R - Elvis Tribute
Anna Sin
Annie Lennox by Stacy
Anthems of Britpop by Paul Hand
Anthony Haslam
Anthony Jay
Ariel - Solo Guitar
Asa - The Swing Singer
Asa & The Danny Mannix Swing Band
Audio Pros
Audley - The Soul Journey
Austin - Solo Guitar
Austin Knight
Austin Powers Lookalike
Baby I Need Your Lovin
Back 2 Skool
Barbara Nice
Barbra Streisand Tribute
Barclay Beales
Barlow by Dan
Barry Goodison
Basil Fawlty Lookalike
Be Beyonce
Becky - Solo Sax Player
Becky & Josh Duo
Beggars Belief
Bella Trio
Ben Mills
Berkeley Trio
Best of The Brits by Beth mcCann
Beverley S
Beyonce Booty
Beyonce Tribute by Lauren
Big Brother 2011 Contestants
Big Brovas
Big Lou Jones
Bill - Caricaturist
Bill Woolland
Billy Flywheel
Billy Myers
Bjorn - A Tribute to ABBA
Black Magic Woman
Black Orchid Jazz Quartet
Blonde Rocks
Blondie Tribute Act
Blue Eyed Boy - A Tribute to Sinatra
Blue Soul
Blues Brothers on a Mission
Blues Brothers Tribute
Bobby Beran
Bobby Davro
Bollywood Spice
Bon Jovi The Tribute
Bon Jovi Tribute Band
Bon Jovi Tribute Duo
Bonnie Tyler Tribute
Boogie Factor
Borat Lookalike
Bossa Trio
Botanico String Quartet
boy george
Boyband Reunion
Boys Next Door
Brad Pitt Lookalike
Brass & Jazz
Brian - Guitarist
Brian W
Britain`s Got Talent
Britney Spears Tribute & Lookalike
Broadway Rocks
Brothers of Soul
Bruce Grobbelaar
Bruno & The Boombox
Bruno Mars & The MB Band
Bruno Mars Tribute
Bryan E
Buble by Adam
Buble by TM
Buble by Tom
Build Me Up
Burn Baby Burn
Burrito Mariachi
Burstin the Buble
Cafe Symphony
Caitlen B
California Dreams-Katy Perry
Candy Beats
Captain Jack and Shipmate Gibbs
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Sparrow
Carl Brent
Carl Schofield
Carlo Jr
Carlos Classic 80s Show
Carlos Classic Soul
Caro Emerald Tribute
Caroline H
Carolynne Poole
Cassie M
CeCe Monsoon
Celena Cherry
Celine Dion Tribute
Celtic Footwork
Champagne Blitz
Chandler - Saxophonist
Charlotte Costello
Charlotte Sings
Chasing Mumford
Cher Alike
Cher by Stacy
Cher by Tania
Cher Tribute by Em
Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan & Jay Aston
Chic and Nile Rodgers Tribute
Chris - Caricaturist
Chris Britton
Chris D
Chris G
Chris G - Michael Buble Soundalike
Chris Lloyd
Chris Maloney
Christine Coles
Cinzia - Classical
Cinzia Lanza
Citron Presse
Claire M
Classic Company
Classic Dua Lipa
Classic K
Clementine Strings
Cliff Richard Tribute
Club Candi
Club Classics by Francesca
Co.Uk 80s
Colin Gibson
Complete Madness
Conor M
Cool and Swingin'
Cool Retro
Could Be Buble
Could It Be Barlow
Country Bob
Cris Cross
Cris Q
Crissy Rock
Crocodile Mock
Daft Funk
Dance Anthems Show
Dancing Queenz
Daniel - Swing Singer
Daniel Craig Lookalike
Danielle Louise
Danny Alexander
Danny B
Danny Roman
Danny Seward
Darren - Close Up Magician
Darren Altman
Darren C
Darren C - Comedian
Darren J
Darren R
David Beckham Lookalike
David Bowie Tribute
David K
Dean Keating
Dean Saunders
Debbie Nunn
Decade Duo
Deckchair Circus
Declan - Solo Guitar
Definitely Dusty
Delectable Dusty
Demi Lovato Tribute
Denny Waters
Derek Jones
Derry Mensah
Destiny M
Diamond Nights - Neil Diamond Tribute
Diana Ross Tribute
Diane Marsh
Dire Straits Tribute
Dirty Dancers
Dirty Dancing Live
Dirty Dancing Tribute Show
Disco Deluxe
Disco Divas
Disco Tech
Divas by Aimee
Divas by Donna
DJ Carl Anthony
DJ Hire - Hampshire
DJ Hire - Manchester
DJ Hire - Scotland
DJ Jon
DJ Lee
DJ Paul
DJ Robbie
DJ Select Beats
Doc Lookalike
Dolly Parton By Steph
Dolly Parton The Tribute
Dolly Parton Tribute - by Beth
Dominic Woodward
Domonic Halpin & the Honey B`s
Donald Trump Impersonator
Doris Day by Betsy
Dr Who and David Tennant Lookalike
Dreamboats & Petticoats with Danny
Drew Cameron
DTs LiveLounge
Dua Lipa Now!
Dua Nostalgia
Dukes of Pop
Duncan McKenzie
Dusty Springfield Tribute
Dusty Young
Dynamic Swing
Dynamic Swing Show
East 17
Ed - Close Up Magician
Ed - Solo Guitarist
Ed Sheeran Tribute
Edel The Classical Crossover Singer
Edison Lighthouse
Electric Flair
Electric Flair
Electric Folk
Electric Party
Electric Strings
Ella - Live Lounge
Ella - Swing & Jazz Show
Ella R
Ella`s 80s Tribute Show
Ellie Goulding Tribute
Ellie Goulding Tribute by CJ
Elton John by Joel
Elton John by Lee
Elton John Selection
Elton John the Tribute
Elton John Tribute Act By AC
Elvis by Joey
Elvis by Kirk
Elvis by Paul M
Elvis Tribute by Adam
Elvis Tribute by Rob
Elvis Tribute-Memories of Elvis
Emerald Jazz
Emily Sings
Emma M
Emma Wright
Empire State
Fabio Capello Lookalike
Faith - A Tribute to George Michael
Fantastico Singing Waiters
Fiesta Classical Trio
Fiesta Sabrosa
Finbarr - Swing Singer
Finsbury Division
Firework - A Tribute to Katy Perry
First Choice
Five o Clock Jive
Flamenco Fuego
Flash Magic
Flashback 90's
Folk Fanatics
Foo Fighters Tribute
Forever - The Abba Tribute
Forever Dean
Foxed Up
Foxed Up Live
Francesca does... Live Lounge
Francesca Young
Frank Sinatra Tribute
Frankenstein Lookalike
Frankie from the Valleys
Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons Tribute
Freddie By Mr W
Freddie Mercury by BG
Freddie Mercury Lookalike
Freddie Mercury Tribute
Freddie Mercury Tribute Show
Full Circuit
Funk Foundation
Ga Ga
Gareth Gates
Gary Barlow - by Lee
Gary Barlow by Jon
Gary Barlow by Tom
Gary Barlow Tribute
Gary Marshall
Gary Skyner
Gary T Thompson
Gaz J
Gemma Louise Doyle
Gemma Louise Doyle - Soprano
Gemma T
George Formby Tribute & Lookalike
George Michael the Tribute
George Michael Tribute
George Michael Tribute by Joe
Georgie Boy
Gerry K
Get Funked
Girl Project
Girl Sings Swing
Girls Aloud Tribute
Girls B Loud
Glow Duo
Godfrey G
Good Girl Gone Bad
Gordon Banks
Gordon Ramsay Lookalike
Gordon's Alive
Graham Smith
Great 80s!
Great Folk!
Great Gospel
Great Pianos
Greg Johns Gameshows!
Gregory Valentino
Groove Alley
Groove Delight
Groovy City
Groovy Thing
Ground Up
Guilty Nostalgia Duo
Guy Stephen
Gwen Oaks
Gypsy Jazz Trio
Hagrid Lookalike
Hamilton Browne
Hannah D
Harry C
Harry Enfield & Chums Lookalikes
Harry Redknapp
Hayley - Live Lounge
Hayley - Soprano
Hayley Louise
Hayley Ria
HD Acoustic
HD Duo
He Will Rock You
He`s The One
Heartlands by Beth
Heather Marie
Herbie Adams
High Society
Hits of the 70s by Rob
Hitzville - The American Dream
Holly C
Holly Ellison
Holly Fay
Hollywood Nites
Hot Chocolate
Hot Steps Party
Howard Webb MBE
I Am Neil Diamond Tribute
I Kissed a Girl
I Will Always Love Whitney
Ian - Close up Magician
Ian C
Ian E - Close Up Magic
Ian The Gentleman Juggler
Iconic 80s
Indigo Rose
Innocent Thieves
Instant Replay
Into The Groove
Its a Kind of Queen
Its a Kind of Queen
Ivo - Caricaturist
J aimee Winehouse
J Darling - Vintage Singer
Jack as Buble
Jack R
Jackson Live
Jahmene Douglas
Jai McDowall
Jake Quickenden
James - Pianist
James B - Pianist
James Brown Tribute
James Brown`s Soul & Funk Party
James Loughlin
James Loughlin - Soul Show
James Loughlin - Swing Show
James Smith
James The Singing Waiter
Jamie J
Jamie Sutherland
Jan Molby
Jane Woodward
Janette Monroe
Jason - Soul Singer
Jason A
Jason`s Disco
Jaws Lookalike
Jay - Solo Pianist
Jay - The Soul Singer
Jay - The Swing Singer
Jay Aston
Jay James
Jazz Trio
Jazzy Jukebox
JB as Elvis
JBs Soul Band
Jed Stone
Jeff Alvey
Jeff Stelling
Jeff Winter
Jem Harpist
Jenni Jaye as Britney
Jennifer - Violinist
Jennifer M - Swing & Jazz Singer
Jenny B
Jersey Boys in Town
Jess - Dance Anthems Show
Jess - Live Lounge
Jess - Soul Show
Jess - Violinist
Jess the Singing Waitress
Jessica - Bollywood Violinist
Jessica A
Jessica Bailey
Jessie J Tribute by VJ
Jessie J Tribute Show
Jessie J-ane Tribute Band
Jess's Swing Show
Jim - Scottish Piper
Jimmy - Comedy Magician
Jimmy Cricket
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds
Jimmy Tamley
JJJ Jessie J - Tribute by Michelle
JK - Solo Guitar
Jo Anne
Joanne - Violinist
Joe - The Swing Singer
Joe Wall
John - Accordionist
John - Caricaturist
John - Stage & Close Up Magician
John & Paul
John Barnes
John D - Close-Up Magician
John Hartson
John Joel
John Martin
Johnnie Casson
Johnny Canada
Johnny Cash Tribute
Johnny Depp
Johnny L - Swing Singer
Jon H - Close up Magician
Jon Moses
Jonny Fine & The Magic 9
Jonti the Magician
Joseph - Guitarist
Josephine Lee
Josh Daniels
Josh H
Julian Smith
Julie Gold
Junior B
Just 80s
Just 90s
Just About Olly
Just Dolly
Just Gaga
Just Like The Beatles
Just Olly
Just One Amy
Justin Timberlake Tribute
Justine is Anastacia
Justine is Shania Twain
K&H Live
Karen Carpenter Tribute
Kat D
Kate - Violinist
Kate Bell
Kate Bell's Swinging 60's Tribute Show
Katherine Jenkins by Gemma
Katherine Jenkins Tribute - by Gem
Katie Markham
Katrina from the Waves
Katy Perry - by Vicky
Katy Perry by FB
Katy Perry Live
Katy Perry the Tribute
Katy Perry Tribute by Lauren
Katy Perry Tribute Show
Kayleigh - Live Lounge
Kayleigh O`Neill
Kayleigh -Soul & Motown
Kayleigh's Bond Show
Kaylie M
KDC - Solo Pianist
Keith Lemon Lookalike
Keith Lemon Lookalike by Stu
Kevin & Perry Lookalikes
Kevin Keegan OBE
Kevin Simm
Kick the Switch
Killer Queen
Kimberly Ball
Kings of Leon Tribute
Kirsty & The Jazz Trio
Kit & The Cats
Kitty Sky
Kylie Forever
Kylie Minogue Tribute
Kylie The Tribute
Kylie Tribute by Em
Kylie Tribute by Louise
Kylie Tribute by Victoria
La Rustique Band
LA Trio
Lady Gaga - by Vicky
Lady GaGa by Donna
Lady GaGa Tribute
Lady GaGa Tribute Show
Lady Gaga UK
Lady J
Lady Luck
Lady O Ga Ga
Lady of Motown
Lady Red
Lascel - Singing Waiter
Lascel Wood
Laura does Cabaret
Laura E
Laura G - Classical
Laura Oakes
Laurel&Hardy Magic
Lauren - Electric Violinist
Lauren Vintage
Laurence - Tenor
Le Jazz Hot
Le Magnifique
Lea Roberts
Leanne - Solo Pianist
Led Zeppelin Tribute
Lee Evans Tribute Act
Lee J
Lee Lambert
Lee Lard
Lee Roy James
Lee Sharpe
Legends by Paul Hand
Leona Lewis Tribute
Leroy Small
Les Gibson
Lester Crabtree
Lets Celebrate
Lewis H
Lewis J
Liam M
Licensed to Groove
Licensed to Lounge
Like Whitney
Lillee Allen
Lionel Richie Tribute
Little Britain Lookalikes
Little Mix The Tribute
Little Mix Tribute Show
Little Richard Tribute
Live & Swinging
Live Tonight!
Lizz - Solo Violinist
Lloyd Hollett
Loaded Soul
Lorenzo - Street Magician
Lost in the 80s
Louise Rogan
Lucie Evans
Lucius Malfoy Lookalike
Luke Sings Swing
M Grande
M.I.B Rocks
Mad Hatter Lookalike
Madonna Forever
Madonna Tribute - Express Yourself
Magdalena - Harpist
Magic Alex
Magic by Chris
Many Faces Impressionist
Many Strings Quartet
Marco - Solo Pianist
Maria J
Mariah Carey Tribute
Mariah Carey Tribute by Em
Marilyn Monroe Lookalike
Mark - Caricaturist
Mark - Master of Ceremonies
Mark Roberts - Close Up Magician
Martin - Close up Magician
Martin F
Martin Gold
Marty C - Singer
Marvin Gaye Tribute Show
Marylbone Trio
Matt - Swing Singer
Matt - Wedding Singer
Matt Gordon Duo
Matt Kyle
Matt P - The Soul Singer
Matt Thorpe
Matt`s Soul & Motown Review
Matthew C
Matty F
Max George Lookalike
Max Pressure
Meatloaf Tribute Show
Mel & Jamie
Melanie Masson
Melissa Miles
Melissa Rose
Men Of Motown
Mercury & May Experience
Michael Anthony
Michael Buble - A Tribute
Michael Buble by JP
Michael Buble by Lee
Michael Buble by M
Michael Buble By Olly
Michael Buble By SW
Michael Buble by Tony T
Michael Buble Tribute by Andy O
Michael Buble Tribute by Jay
Michael C - Vocalist
Michael J - The Tribute
Michael Jackson Tribute
Michael Jackson Tribute - King Of Pop
Michael Jackson Tribute Show
Michael P
Michael Sharpe
Michael T
Michaela M
Michelle - Live Lounge
Michelle - Soul Singer
Michelle Karen
Mick Miller
Mick Monroe
Mick Walker
Midnite Hour
Mike & Ste
Mike P
Miles - Soul Singer
Milla C - Violinist
Miss Deane
Miss Divine Diva
Miss Marina Mae
Miss Saxophone
Mister K
MJ - The King of Pop
Modern Country Rock Band UK
Monty Scott
Monty Scott - Soul Singer
Montys Boogie Night
Montys Gelled Back 80's
Mr Buble Live
Mr Singh
Mr T Lookalike
Murphys Ghost
Musical Ruth
Nashville Nights
Natalie B
Natalie M
Natalie M - Live Lounge
NB Brass Quartet
Nearly Diamond
Neil `Razor` Ruddock
Neil Diamond Tribute Show by SR
Nick - Caricaturist
Nick J
Nicky Newsome
Nicola Marie
Nicola Marie's Queen of the 90s
Nicole Amy
Nigel - Close Up Magician
Nile J
Nineties and Noughties
No and Jo Magic act
No Limits
Noel Brodie
Norman Whiteside
Not Til 4
Notte Di Luce
Now Thats Pop Music
NYBB Brass Collective
O Boy - Tribute to Buddy Holly
Oceans Swing
Oliver - Guitarist
Ollie Magician
Ollie Sings!
Ollie Spencer
Olly Factor - Olly Murs Tribute
Olly Murs by Stu
Olly Murs Tribute
Olly Murs Tribute by Danny
Olly Olly Olly
On Demand
On The Dancefloor
Only Olly
Opera Boys
Owen Paul
Oyana Chatterton
Ozzy Osbourne Lookalike
Paloma by Sammy J
Paolo - Classical Guitarist
Party All Night
Party Mob
Party Rockers
Patsy Lee
Paul - Comedy and Magic
Paul - Saxophonist
Paul - Stage & Close Up Magician
Paul Akister
Paul Boardman
Paul Burling
Paul Hand
Paul Hand - Live Lounge
Paul Hand - Singing Waiter
Paul McCartney Tribute
Paul Merson
Paul Pashley
Paul Walsh
Pauline Daniels
Pauls Magic & Puppets
Perfectly Frank
Pet Shop Boys Tribute
Pete - Violinist
Pete Price
Peter - Swing & Ratpack Singer
Phil Collins Tribute
Phil S
Phil Walker
Philip - Pianist
Philip L
Pink By Stacy
Pink Tribute by VJ
Pitch Perfect
Platinum Swing
Pop to the 80s by Hayley
Pop Up Panto
Prince Tribute & Lookalike
Prince William Lookalike
Pump Up The 90s
Pure Barlow - Gary Barlow Tribute
Pure Mercury
Queen B
Queen The Tribute
Queen Will Rock You
R Yonce A Tribute to Beyonce
Rachael H
Rachael R
Raf - Pianist
Raging 80s Band
Raging 80s Duo
Ray Charles Tribute
Ray Parlour
Ray Quinn
Reflex - Tribute to Duran Duran
Reilly Jazz Trio
Relative Cool
Retro Boogie
Retro City
Retro Jukebox
Rhythm of the Nite
Ric M - Caricaturist
Rich - Caricaturist
Richard & Shona
Richard & Shona - Live Lounge
Richard and Adam
Ricky G
Ricky Gervais Lookalike
Ricky K
Rickys Rock n Roll Show
Rihanna Tribute by Katie
Rio A Tribute to the music of Duran Duran
Rio Showband
Ritchie P
RJ as Michael Jackson
Rob - Guitar Vocalist
Rob Lee
Rob Linacre
Rob Mcveigh
Robbie Williams by Danny
Robbie Williams Tribute Act - JK
Robbie Williams Tribute by MB
Robert Abrams
Rock And Love Show
Rock Electric
Rock Ferry
Rock Steady
Rock The Party
Rock The Reggae
Rocketman - Elton John Tribute
Rod Stewart Tribute
Rod Stewart tribute - A Reason to Believe
Roger Lee
Ronan Keating Tribute by Paul
Ronnie Whelan
Room on the Top
Rory - Saxophonist & Pianist
Rose Vintage
Roy G Hemmings
Roy G Hemmings & The Dictionary of Soul
Roy Walker
Rudi West
Ryan M
Ryan Swing Singer
S Electric Strings
Sam - Guitarist
Sam Bailey
Sam Eason
Sam H - Singer & Musician
Sam Smith Tribute
Samantha - Singing Waitress
Samantha Jones
Samantha Leslie
Sammy J
Samuel Davies - Pianist
Santa Claus Lookalike
Sarah E Kemp
Sarah M
Sasha - Dance Anthems Show
Sasha Soul Show
Saturday Night Bee Gees
Scott - Spanish Guitarist
Scott C
Scouting For Girls
Sean P
Sean Styles
Sensational 80s!
Serenade N Soul
Serving Up A Song
Shane Richie Jr
Shania - A Tribute to Shania Twain
Shaun Foster Conley
Shauny B
Shayne Ward
Sheila Diamond
Shelley D - Diva Show
Shimmy Shoes
Shirley Bassey Tribute Act
Shock The Boy
Shout The Vows
Simon L
Simon South
Simon The Caricaturist
Simply Ella
Simply George Michael
Simply Kylie
Simply Singing Waiters
Siobhan Phillips
Sister Side - Beatles Tribute
Sixties Chick
Ska Tribute Band
Slight Return
Smash Hits of The 80s
Smooth Swing by Sean
So Little Mix
So Sheeran
So Spice Girls
Soleil String Quartet
Some Other Guys
Something Unusual - Close Up
Something Unusual - Illusion Show
Something Unusual Cabaret Show
Songbird Duo
Sonic Rock
Sonny M
Sons of Alba
Sophisticated Swing Orchestra
Soul Beats
Soul Co.
Soul Division
Soul Knights
Soul Party
Soul Tonight!
Sounds of Musicals
Spektrum Party Band
Spencer - Caricaturist
Spice Forever
Stacey McClean
Stacie D
Stan Boardman
Standards by Rachael
Status Quoing - Tribute to Status Quo
Step into Elton
Steps 2
Stereo Hit
Steve Brookstein
Steve C
Steve Daley
Steve Harris
Steve Royle
Steve Sings
Steve The Bavarian Accordionist
Steve W - Compere & Host
Steve W - Wedding Singer
Steven - International Juggler
Stevie Jay
Stone Cold Soul
Storm Duo
Streets Ahead
String Duo
String Frenzy
Strings n Things
Structure Live Band
Structure Trio
Stuart J - Swing Singer
Stylish Eilish
Summer Breeze
Supreme Motown
Supreme Queens
Susan - Harpist
Sweet Soul Motown
Swing Forward
Swing It!
Swingin Sinatra
Tailor Made
Take That Live
Take That Now
Take That Reignited!
Take That Reunion
Take That Rule
Take That Tribute
Take This and That
Tamsin - Harpist
Tank Sherman
Taylor Swift Tribute
Terry Cotter
Terry Joyce
The 60s Dolls
The 80ís Party
The 80s Club
The 80's Tribute Show by Jess
The 88s
The A Tones
The Abba Four
The Adele Tribute Show
The Affinity Soul
The All-Skas
The Amy Experience
The Andy E Swing Band
The Angels
The AP Band
The Atlantic Sound Collective
The Atomics
The Audios
The Autumn Leaves Jazz Band
The Avenue
The B.N.D Band
The Bad Mannered Boys
The Barons
The Bavarian Oompah Band
The Beach Boys Experience
The Beat
The Beat Clones
The Beat Freaks
The Beat Masters
The Beatles Band
The Beatles Tribute Band
The Beatles Tribute Show
The Beckhams
The Beegees Tribute Show
The Bellas
The Best of Bon Jovi
The Best of Gary Barlow
The Best of Katy Perry
The Best of Neil Diamond
The Best of Rita Ora
The Best of Rod Stewart
The Best of UB40
The Best of Whitney Houston
The Bierkeller Bavarian Band
The Big Shots
The Black Cats
The Black Hat Band
The Bluebirds
The BND Band
The Bob Marley Tribute
The Bootleg Beatles
The Boy George Experience
The Boys in Blue
The Bright Duo
The Brighton Beatles
The Britrockers
The Brooks
The Brothers Beat
The Buble Tribute Show
The Caribbean Calypso Band
The Caribbean Steel Band
The Carpenters - Relived
The Castaways
The Cats
The Champions - Queen Tribute
The Charm Offensive
The Cher Experience
The Cherry Belles
The Chippendoubles
The Christmas Party Band
The Cilla Show - Step Inside Love
The Club
The Collective
The Complete 80's Band
The Copy Cat Covers Band
The Customisables
The Dahlias
The Dakotas
The Dazzle Divas
The Deltones
The Devotees
The Dictator Lookalike
The Dolly Dots
The Dolly Parton Experience
The Dukes
The Ed Sheeran Tribute Act
The Edelweiss Band
The Edge
The Electric
The Electric 80s
The Electric Party Duo
The Elton John Tribute Show
The Elvis Presley Tribute Show
The Essential 80s
The Essentials UK
The Estrelles
The Faithettes
The Fantastic Numbers
The Fantastic Singing Waiters
The FF Party Band
The Finesse Jazz Ensemble
The Firebirds
The Floorfillers
The Folk Sons
The Formations
The Forty Fives
The Fourth Dimension
The Frankie Valley Experience Show
The Frankie Valli Show
The Freddie Mercury Experience
The Generation Band
The Glad its Night Experience
The Glam Guys
The Glamour of Motown
The Gospel Choir
The Grandest Show
The Greatest Circus Show
The Greatest Show
The Greatest Showman Lookalike
The Green Chord Duo
The Groove
The Groove Collective
The Groovetunes
The GT Band
The Harmony Belles
The Haywoods
The Heebie Jeebies
The Hepkats
The High Numbers
The Hits
The Hits of Lionel
The Honeyz
The Hourz
The Hunnie Bunnies
The Iconic
The Ignitions
The Incredible Singing Waiters
The Infiniti DJ
The International
The International
The Jacks
The James Bond Show
The James Bond Show by Michelle
The James Bond Tribute Show
The Jazz Companions
The Jersey Boy
The Jersey Sounds
The Jerseys
The Jive Aces
The Jive Kickers
The Jive Stars
The JJ Band
The JK Band
The Joy of ABBA!
The Jukebox Bandits
The Karaoke Band
The Keystars
The Keystars Duo
The Kicking Notes
The Kicks
The Killers Tribute
The King Swing Syncopators
The Kings
The Kylie Tribute Show
The Lady is Gaga
The Legends of Reggae
The Leos and Soprano
The Leos Janacek Quartet
The Let It Beatles
The Light Ensemble
The Live Loungers
The Liver Boys
The Liverpool Beatles
The Loveliest Night at The Theatre
The Lucky
The MacDonald Bros
The Madonna Experience
The Magic Mirror
The Magicians Word
The Man They Call G
The Max Brothers
The Meisters Oompah Band
The Melodics
The Mersey Beatles
The Message
The Mexican Mariachi
The Midnights
The Mind Reader
The Ministry
The Modern Divas Show
The Modern Music Box
The Monkey Butlars
The Motown Express
The Motown Show
The Mo-Town Show
The MT Band
The Munich Bierkeller Men
The Musicals Stage Show
The Mystifier
The Name is Bond
The Neil Diamond Tribute Show
The New Casuals
The New Yorkers
The NewTones
The Northern Tones
The Nouveau Folk Collective
The NT Band
The NV Swing Band
The NW Band
The One
The Oompah Band
The Oompah Schooners
The Opera Boys - Singing Waiters
The Opera Four
The Opera Four - Surprise Singers
The Opera Twosome
The Opera Waitresses
The Originals
The Party A -List
The Party Bugs
The Party People
The PB Jazz Collective
The Peak of Swing
The Perfect Party People
The Phat Cat Band
The PHD Band
The Pickpocket
The Pinched Hits
The Poet
The Pop Band
The Pop Shots
The Rainshine Duo
The Rat Pack
The Ratpack Bros
The Red Cadillacs
The Redjax
The Retro
The Retro Band
The Retro Rockets
The Revolver - Beatles Tribute
The Revs
The Rhymes
The Rhythm Queens
The Roaming Horns
The Rock Band
The Rock n Roll Singer
The Rockabilly Jump Jivers
The Rockettes
The Rockin Protons
The Rough Diamonds
The Sapphire Trio
The SB Band
The Scottish String Quartet
The Secret Project
The Sessions
The Sharps
The Showband
The Sinatra & Martin Tribute Show
The Singing Waiters
The Soul & Motown Show by Paul Hand
The Soul Bandits
The Soul Feds
The Soul Guy
The Soul Guys
The Soul Line
The Soul Man
The Soul Show - by Michelle
The Soul Sisters
The Soulstars
The Sound Of Swing
The Sporting Mentalist Show
The Stars
The Steve Hewlett Show
The Stevie Wonder Tribute Band
The Stilettes
The String Quartet
The Styles
The Substitutes
The Super 70s Show
The Super ABBA Troopers
The Super Singing Waiters
The Supreme Secret Singers
The Swing and Jazz Jive Kickers
The Swing Commanders
The Swingin Kings Duo
The Swingin` Tones
The Systems
The Take That Show
The Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Three Blondes Band
The Three Degrees
The Three Kings
The Three Musketeers - Waiters
The Tina Turner Show
The TJ's Band
The TJ's Duo
The Tom Jones Tribute Show
The Tones
The Toppers
The Travellers
The Trax
The Treme
The Trippers
The UK Blues Brothers Tribute
The Ultimate 60s Tribute
The Ultimate 70s Party Band
The Ultimate 80s
The Ultimate Adele Tribute - Michelle
The Ultimate Bandeoke Band
The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute
The Ultimate Dua Lipa Tribute
The Ultimate Dusty Springfield Tribute
The Ultimate Elton John Tribute
The Ultimate Killers Tribute Show
The Ultimate Little Mix Tribute
The Ultimate Motown Party
The Ultimate Pink Tribute
The Ultimate Robbie Williams Tribute
The Ultimate Rod Stewart Tribute
The Ultimate Rolling Stones Tribute
The Ultimate Shirley Bassey Tribute Show
The Ultimate Singing Waiters Experience
The Ultimate Soul & Motown Experience
The Ultimate Soul Band
The Ultimate Spice Girls Show
The UPB Party Band
The Upbeats
The UV Show
The Valli 4
The Valli Boys Uk
The Vengaboys
The Vibe
The Victorias
The View
The Vintage Guys
The Vintage Lipstick Ladies
The Vintage Pin Ups
The Vinyls
The Voice of Tom Jones
The Waiters!
The Waterfronts
The Wholly Soul Band
The Wonder of Stevie
Theo The Mouse & Wendy
Think Pink
This Is Shirley Bassey
Thomas Crooner
Threes A Party
Tim & Tony Strange
Time Machine
Timothy T
Tina Turner Tribute
Tinie Tempah Tribute
Tiny Mix
To The Max
Tom & Laura
Tom A
Tom Bleasby
Tom Fitz & Co
Tom Fortune - Superb Male Vocalist
Tom Fraser
Tom Holman - Close Up Magician
Tom Jones Tribute - A Boy from Nowhere
Tom Mcleod
Tom O'Connor
Tom W
Tom W - Just Swing It
Tom W - Live Lounge
Tom W - Soul Show
Tom W Christmas Show
Tommy Barron
Tony Lee Roadshow
Tony Roscoe
Tony T
Top Pop 80s
Tori Lea
Total 80s
Total 90s
Total Divas
Total Recall
Totally 60`s Tribute Show
Totally Michael Buble
Totally Taylor Swift
Totally UB40
Trapio Trio
Trend Setters
Tribute to ABBA
Tribute to Adele
Tribute to Andy Williams
Tribute to Ariana by Aimee
Tribute to Cheryl
Tribute to Cilla Black
Tribute to David Bowie
Tribute to Dolly Parton
Tribute to Dua Lipa by Aimee
Tribute to Dusty Springfield
Tribute To Ed Sheeran by DE
Tribute to Freddie Mercury
Tribute to Guns N Roses
Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Tribute to Lionel Richie by MP
Tribute to Lulu
Tribute to Mariah Carey
Tribute to Neil Diamond
Tribute to Pavarotti
Tribute to Phil Collins & Genesis
Tribute to Queen
Tribute To Robbie Williams
Tribute to Rod Stewart
Tribute to Sam Smith
Tribute to Ska
Tribute to Taylor Swift
Tribute to the Bee Gees
Tribute to the Divas
Tribute to The Jam
Tribute to the King
Tribute To The Music Of Ed Sheeran
Tribute to The Stone Roses
Tribute to The Stylistics
Tribute to Whitney Houston
Tuned In
Tuned In Trio
Turn Back Time
Two Minds
Two of a Kind
Two Tone
UB40 Tribute Band
UK Sax Player
UK Sax Player Duo
Ultimate Abba
Ultimate Adele
Ultimate Barry White
Ultimate Blondie by Kate Bell
Ultimate Lionel
Ultimate Tom Jones Tribute Show
Ultimately Prince
Undercover Stars
Unlimited 90s
Us Limited
Utopia 1
Utopia 84
V - Electric String Quartet
Valli Heights
Venn Tracey
Victor M
Victoria Francis
Vince`s Rock n Roll Jukebox
Vintage Sounds
Vinyl Soul
Vitto Quartet
Waiters Confidential
Waiting to Sing
Wallace & Jones
Wallace & Jones Surprise Singing Waiters
Want U Back
Waterloo - ABBA Tribute
Wayne - Caricaturist
Wayne D Plant - Solo Pianist
Wayne The Mind Reader
Wedding Acoustica
Welcome to The Live Lounge
Welcome to the Moulin Rouge
West End Divas - by Gemma Louise Doyle
West End Sinatra
West End to Broadway
Westerbergh & Michaela
Westlife Reunion
Whitney Houston by Hayley
Whitney Houston Tribute
Who The Floyd
Whos That Girl
Will - Swing Singer
Willie Miller
Willy Wonka Lookalike
Winston Churchill Lookalike
XL 80s
You Should Be Dancing
Yvette Royle
Yvonne Halen
Zooka and Suzie Q
Zoot Serious & a Bellyful of Bop
Zyrah Rose

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